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11:28:53 PM Apr 27th 2013
I'm not sure Working Off The Debt belongs here. There are a lot of reasons that the payment can't be made. In fact, it usually seems like the subject is almost always someone who could usually pay.
08:04:29 PM Apr 23rd 2013
edited by
Pulled proposed picture for page:

Anyone able to explain how this is illustrating poverty?
04:32:12 PM Apr 24th 2013
For your information, you just can't pull an image of a page and move it to discussion like that on your own initiative.

If you feel an image is inadequate, you first start a topic in the Image Pickin' Conversation forum with a link to the concerned article. Then, and only if a consensus is reached, the image will be pulled from the page and eventually replaced.

The default rule is "Keep Until a Better Suggestion Is Offered".

I'm reinstating the picture on the page, since it is already linked in the relevant Image Source subpage.
11:04:43 AM Apr 27th 2013
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For your information, you can't talk down to strangers like a condescending dickhead who addresses others with snotty-sounding phrases such as "for your information". You want to make a point about some "rule" (although I thought here, we stuck to far less rigid guidelines), you can outline it to me like a totally mature person and spare the needless attitude; I'll listen to you all the same.

That said, "Keep Until a Better Suggestion is Offered" should NOT be an applicable guideline if the image clearly does not illustrate any relevant concept on the page (in this case, destitution, squalor, homelessness, and a lack of money as related to povery). NO IMAGE will always be be much more preferable than keeping an obviously non-illustrative one which serves no beneficial purpose. Moreover, if that image being removed also wasn't approved by a troper consensus in the first place, then it surely must be within my rights as this page's creator and principal curator to remove an obviously inadequate image myself; as far as this page is concerned, I, as the page creator and curator, will be sticking around for far longer than anybody putting terrible images on the page without a consensus or anybody else trying to defend them.

And ensuring only illustrative, relevant images remain on pages should always take up precedent over having crosswicks with Image Source.

In any case, this page now has a far better image that is actually illustrative of poverty that was picked by consensus. This image is being pulled again, and the issue is resolved.
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