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08:17:22 PM Apr 20th 2013
Wouldn't the Curse in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's Scarescraper mode count for this? It is contagious, after all.
10:03:16 PM Mar 28th 2011
Can my roommate be an example?
08:56:26 PM Apr 24th 2010
Is my example of flea medicine making dogs who take it essentially poisonous to fleas an example of this trope, or is it too narrow (it only makes them poisonous against a specific creature)? Or is it just an example of the way Universal Poison doesn't usually work in real life?
07:10:30 AM Apr 25th 2010
It works as an example. The poisonous person doesn't have to be universally poisonous to animals and plants like a walking wasteland... they just have to be lethal to one thing. In your dogs case, he or she has the luck of being a poisonous puppy to a natural nuisance. Hmm. Maybe the trope writeup should be tweaked to note that?

07:27:14 PM Apr 28th 2010
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