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01:28:08 PM Jul 29th 2010
edited by Madrugada
Uh, yeah. Not a trope. Not a stereotype. Even the YKTTW syas that it's "a Troper Tales trope" Which I assume means, "I want a place to put my Troper Tale about this guy, but a Troper Tales page without a main page will get cut so I'll make a half-hearted main page." Not worth keeping.
07:12:18 PM Jul 29th 2010
I agree. This feels like someone bragging about who they are, or who they appear to be to other RPG groups.

Cut, dump, let them find a better place. Maybe Mary Sue or Gary Stu.
09:33:05 PM Jul 29th 2010
"Player X is a mix between a Munchkin and a Roleplayer." What? I've never played a tabletop game and I know that those are mutually exclusive.
10:05:38 PM Jul 29th 2010
Aye, nuke it.
06:51:03 AM Jul 30th 2010
The YKTTW comments said this was a power gamer, apparently this, which may be a trope. This isn't.
11:36:37 AM Jul 30th 2010
Isn't power gamer just a polite term for munchkin?
07:29:07 PM Jul 30th 2010
This has been cutlisted twice and declined both times. Can whichever cutmaster is declining to cut it please explain why? It's baffling.

It has no examples, a self-contradictory description (as Flying V points out above The Roleplayer ("The Roleplayer is the Tabletop RPG player who plays mainly to create a character and tell a story. ... These players tend to be most interested in the storyline of the game, which means they frequently interact with the NP Cs and try to find solutions to in-game conflicts without resorting to combat.") and TheMunchkin ("Perhaps the most ridiculed Player Archetype of all time, this player is rarely interested in the story behind the game (indeed, his characters are little more than extensions of his own personality, or whatever personality would give him the most plusses). He (or she, let's be fair) sees fighting monsters and solving puzzles only as a means toward more power, more gold, more stuff, more plusses.") types are mutually exclusive.

And on top of that, the name is completely opaque; Player X sounds like "an unknown player", not "A player who blends efficiency with roleplaying."
10:27:55 PM Jul 30th 2010
Someone has to defend this page. Otherwise, it should be cut by sheer weight of opinion. After all, everyone on this thread is against it (apart from macroscopic, who appears to be neutral).
07:39:49 AM Sep 18th 2010
edited by Fulcon
(Original poster rises up to the defense of his trope)


  • 1: Ben from Darths and Droids qualifies.

  • 2: Joanna from "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" is the trope codifier. She is the groups roleplayer, but has a build perfectly suited for initiative and critical hits. She kicks more *** in the game than everyone else combined.
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