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12:55:32 PM Jun 6th 2013
I can't beleive ther eis no Tiny Tunes under Western Animation? I don't even know where to being adding examples myself.
06:19:21 PM Apr 23rd 2012
"The Crash Bandicoot series tends to aim its Shout Outs at older players. Apart from the fact that getting all the name jokes requires a GCSE-level understanding of everything from Victorian literature to thermodynamics, level titles in Warped include 'Tomb Wader', 'Area 51', and 'Eggipus Rex'."

Hmm, English bias there, I really don't think we should say "GCSE-level" (GCSE exams aren't even taken in Scotland, and most people outside the UK probably don't know that GCSE-level means age 15-16, or freshman year at a US high school). What would be a suitable alternative phrase that would be understood internationally?
04:20:43 PM Apr 10th 2012
I think there are a lot of things here that might only seem like references.Also, anyone else getting an opinion vibe from all the stuff here?
07:27:01 PM Mar 23rd 2010
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I think that the first two panels of this Men In Hats strip would make a great image for this page, but I'm not certain how I would go about doing that. If anyone else would like to take the initiative, be my guest.
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