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01:41:47 PM Nov 22nd 2010
I don't really understand this one. America has lots of weird news stories? Maybe if you've never read the news from other countries, especially in the third world which is just full of battiness. In fact, that's probably exactly the case.

And why is 'legal access to firearms' an explanation of weirdness? Are there a lot of weird shootings about?
09:52:41 PM Jul 21st 2013
As far as weird shootings, I do believe America has a disproportionately high number. By a lot.
08:46:24 PM Mar 8th 2014
Only, like, 10x our average. But that's only an average - we haven't had a mass-shooting since whenever the Port Arthur Massacre and consequent disarmament drive was (okay, wikipedia says 1996), for instance.

...that said, our armament-rate is less than 1/3 of yours - 15% versus 50%.

The main problem is suicide, actually, as it accounts for half of firearms-deaths - but that's not really news-worthy, is it...
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