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07:51:59 PM Dec 17th 2011
Some of the claims in the description are very suspect. "They were probably mostly brown-skinned with Asian eyes" and "probably didn't cover their breasts" ? On the basis of what archaeological source are these claims made? Sorry, no, people would have dressed for the weather which of course isn't the same across the world, no the cultural norms of modern hunter-gatherers are not remotely useful as indications of what ancient prehistoric people did because, actually, modern hunter-gatherer cultures have just as long a history of cultural change and evolution as the rest of us. And whence this idea that everybody in the Ice Age was brown-skinned and slanty-eyed? The physical characteristics of modern humans are not sudden, recent things. Just because the physical differences between human "races" are only skin-deep doesn't mean they're also only 10,000 years old.

In the interests of not promoting misconceptions, I'm removing these claims from the description. This may not be Wikipedia, but that's no excuse for promoting outright fabrications.
07:24:10 PM Sep 19th 2010
one thing I don't get is, isn't there room for both "cultures we know things about" and "cultures we know absolutely nothing about, so let's make something up" in history? Is it automatically wrong to set a fictional culture in an ostensibly real date, when it's long enough ago that not every human settlement can be accounted for?
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