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10:25:38 PM Dec 7th 2012
edited by Candi
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Parents euthanize their child upon seeing symptoms of a painful degenerative disease to which they had already lost another child. Turns out that the child was healthy, the symptoms were caused by something else."

Bonus points: The parents had had the toddler tested for the disease, but the results weren't back yet. The results were in by the time CSI figured out what had really happened.

The baby really was ill. The mother worked for a pesticide company and often brought product home to use in her garden. (Using industrial-grade pesticides in that manner is illegal in many places.) When questioned about if she knew what the known neurological effects of intense chronic pesticide exposure were (and the questioner started listing them), the mother brushed it aside with a 'yes, I know that'. Then she failed to see the relevancy of whether she washed her hands and changed her clothes after working with pesticides and before holding her son. Three guesses what was really wrong with the poor baby. :(
08:51:23 PM Nov 14th 2010
edited by loracarol
There is no trope for "sympathetic victim", so I repotholed it to link to "the woobie", please if anyone has any problems with this, do NOT hesitate to tell me. (PMing preferred. XD)
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