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11:27:03 PM Aug 13th 2013
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Kind of funny that regular glasses or standard contacts would stop at least some types of effects. The point of such lenses is because the light rays entering the eye aren't focused properly, artificial assistance is required so they focus on the appropriate parts of the eye. Theoretically, someone with faulty sight wearing glasses or contacts should have the energy of some types of magic attack directed to the focus point, rather than it being blocked. Although an argument can be made for glasses being slightly reflective.

Of course, that opens up:

the fun of people being able to avoid the effects by taking off/out their lenses, but then finding it difficult to navigate;

if someone's prescription has changed since getting the glasses, subverting, twisting, or zigzagging the effect of the attack;

what happens with people with artificial corneas.
08:42:00 PM Dec 13th 2012
Not magic, but some predators, such as tigers, only attack from behind, when the prey can't see them. For this reason, people in tiger-rich areas of India may wear masks on the backs of their heads. Possible Real Life example?
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