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06:49:09 PM Jul 4th 2015
There's use of active infrared in a Doc Savage novel I read long ago. Particularly notable in that it was written VERY long ago, 40s or maybe even the 30s. Some criminals have taken over a large building, but Doc and his men just cut the power, then enter the building, using IR goggles and lamps, and then it's shooting fish in a barrel (with mercy bullets).
04:39:13 AM Dec 9th 2014
It would be much appreciated if some kind soul would grace this article with a couple of images (or links to such images) that offer a comparison between how real-life night vision imagery usually looks like, how real-life infrared imagery usually looks like (to distinguish it from non-IR night vision), and then how some of the most common examples of fictional portrayals of either of the aforementioned.
12:41:02 AM Feb 11th 2011
I am deeply concerned about this page.

Charge Coupled Devices are a form of image sensor... not night vision equipment*. The core of common night vision systems is an image intensifier tube. They are completely different technologies.

  • =Yes there are a few kinds of low light CCD's, including ones coupled directly to image intensifier tubes by fiber optic bundles. But this is not what is used in night vision goggles or most other popular depictions.

A serious rewrite is in order IMHO. This page is just plain wrong.
01:48:17 AM Jun 16th 2012
NV Gs don't white out or cause a painful blinding sensation when exposed to a bright light they will shut off or auto dim to compensate
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