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10:11:28 AM Oct 1st 2016
Alternate title suggestion: Grambo.
12:16:44 AM Dec 28th 2015
Is there a reason for changing trope picture?
12:47:41 AM Dec 28th 2015
edited by jormis29
According to the discussion, people couldn't tell that the person in the original picture was an old woman and not a man in drag.
10:39:14 PM Dec 31st 2011
Reason for removal of Anne Lawrence reference: The autogynephilia theory that she is part of claims that ALL transsexual women fit one of two categories: "homosexual" or "autogynephilic." The former category supposes that "homosexual transsexuals" (heterosexual transsexual women) are extremely feminine gay men who wish to have sex with heterosexual men. The latter category encompasses all transsexual women who are not sexually attracted to men, and claims that all such transsexuals are "heterosexual men" suffering from an "erotic target location error" that locates the desired female object within oneself. The crowning cherry on this theory? According to it, ANY (male to female) TRANSSEXUAL WHO CLAIMS TO NOT BE MOTIVATED BY HETEROSEXUAL MALE SEXUAL DESIRE (either to become an object for it, or to satisfy it) IS LYING. The tautological nature of this theory alone disqualifies it from being a valid scientific theory, as a valid scientific theory must address data which falls outside of its boundaries, not write that data off as falsified.
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