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05:59:08 PM Oct 15th 2014
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I feel the video game examples section of this page needs cleanup. It's even noted in the trope description that video games tend to have a lot of narrative filigree because the alternative is to railroad the player to the plot. I would go do far as to say that it's a Necessary Weasel for any game unless (a) it has an Excuse Plot or (b) is extremely linear. In particular, the concept of lore is omnipresent within Western RP Gs - is there point in listing every WRPG as an example?

I would suggest restricting examples to when narrative filigree exists within a game's main storyline - either in cutscenes or in dialogue that occurs during gameplay.
11:59:51 AM Nov 8th 2010
This is not a trope because it is not about a single element in the fiction. It is rather a style of fiction storytelling.
05:46:33 AM Nov 9th 2010
Nobody says tropes have to be about a single element. We have, for example, Second-Person Narration.
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