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11:52:19 AM Feb 11th 2017
The trope description says it's "the practice of naming characters after real-life celebrities and famous people". So if a person is named after an in-universe famous person, is it this trope? Because the Stormlight Chronicles example is that, and I'm guessing the Zero Content Example of A Song of Ice and Fire is too.
08:05:16 PM Nov 27th 2012
Should we give the Real Life people a seperate page? (There are hundreds of examples even without going into things like saint's names.) It would have to be divided into those in similar careers as their namesakes (Too many examples to list, but the aforementioned Winfield Scotts would count), and others who are not.
03:24:16 PM Jan 23rd 2012
edited by Narsil
This topic sometimes slides into People Sit on Chairs. If A is named after B and it's somehow meaningful, that seems legitimate (e.g. the character who's named after a general ends up leading the fight). Ditto if it's a running joke, or if particular name schemes are a family tradition (e.g. as in the National Treasure movies). But not, IMO, just if it's "person A is named after B". Shall we list every person who's named Mary as an example (named after the mother of Jesus)? Or Muhammed? Martin Luther King, William Tecumseh Sherman? Very very few people in the world aren't named after someone.

All my longwinded way of saying why I don't think "Benjamin Franklin Pierce from MASH" was worthy of keeping on the page...
05:11:11 AM Mar 29th 2011
"Romania was openly rooting for the Taliban"?

News to me. I know Ceaușescu was all about defyin' the USSR and all, but I never heard of this part.
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