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11:37:18 AM May 25th 2016
edited by Xenophon99
Why are there no real world examples? I understand we don't want to flood the page with so called psychics, but surely some animal behavior would fall under this trope. (Animals sensing the p-wave of an earthquake for instance.)
02:21:07 AM May 26th 2016
Most people add animal stuff to Evil-Detecting Dog
09:01:27 AM Jun 25th 2010
Removed this pile of natter from the Hellboy example:

  • Pancakes redeem all.
    • ^This. Consumption of pancakes is proof that the eater is lost to evil and unfit for the Kingdom of Hell. The Dark Side may have cookies, but they cannot corrupt the Power of Pancakes!
  • It's Persephone in reverse. And pancakes beat pomegranate seeds any day of the freakin' week.
    • For that to work, you'd have to assume that Hellboy's been on Earth for two years without eating anything. Somehow, I don't think that's it.
      • Well, his physiology isn't exactly human, so it's not impossible. Another possibility is that it's the first time he's eaten food prepared by human hands - they might have been feeding him raw meat before that for all we know.
      • He complains at the time that he wanted hot noodles, so they might have been feeding him ramen or something similar 'cause it was cheap and available. Being back at the army base, a proper meal could probably be obtained. ... Why are we arguing this?
        • Because it's fun.
      • Why'd he want to side the demons if they can't give him more pancakes?
  • Word of God (from when this troper was writing the Hellboy RPG) is that that scene is not entirely canonical — it wasn't literally the moment when Hellboy was lost to Hell, it's just meant to be funny.
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