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11:59:43 PM Mar 11th 2013
You know that new show, Robot Combat League? Would that be categorized as Live Action Television or Real Life here?
02:09:18 PM May 10th 2012
I thought for the image that scene out of Rugrats in Paris. You know the one. I don't have any screencap tech so it's just a suggestion.
12:43:42 PM Sep 14th 2011
edited by Deboss
Massive cleanup.

Dumping examples with no elaboration, or elaboration that it's just accurate (which was done by me saying it counts). Someone else can add them back in if they decide to elaborate a bit. Simply naming the unit is not enough.


  • Daimos: A common YouTube search for the series is "mecha mimicking movements".
  • Robot Taekwon V: Description implies it with reference to using kungfu, opening is too pixelated to tell from youtube. However reference to Daimos indicates it is Mo Cap Mecha.
  • Eureka Seven: The Nirvash in its third form.
  • The Tauburn (and later-stage Cybodies) of Star Driver.

Video Game:

12:45:08 PM Sep 14th 2011
Also, the Power Rangers example needs to be split up by series.
08:25:06 PM Mar 21st 2011
This is not hard SF in a lot of cases, when the pilot is not strapped to the cockpit. If the mecha is 10 times the pilot's height, then it moves 10 times faster, resulting in the mecha catching up with the pilot, and hitting the pilot to the back, or ceiling or floor( in the case of jumping) and terminating the action the pilot wants to do.
06:04:00 AM Apr 10th 2011
Mo Cap Mecha is unrealistic?

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