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12:11:37 PM Sep 29th 2012
Took down the Good Omens example. The troper(s) seemed perfectly aware that it wasn't an example.
02:33:13 PM Oct 29th 2010
I think that the difference between the "honor her memory, go good all the way" and "she's gone, time to Face-Heel Turn" uses of this trope are nicely demonstrated by the difference between the endings of Little Shop of Horrors and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. In the former, once Audrey dies, it causes Seymour to realize what he's been doing for the whole time is wrong. He attacks the villain (though it's too late, so his attempt is futile). In the latter, once Penny dies, it makes Billy quit caring about any sort of idealism he might have had before hand, and he slips into being Dr. Horrible entirely.
10:33:03 PM Mar 9th 2010
Is that a sword or a surfboard? I'm not sure.