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07:58:36 AM Mar 5th 2014
  • On Downton Abbey, first Lady Sybil died in childbirth and then Matthew died in a car crash after their respective actors decided to leave to pursue film careers. Fandom fury ensued, particularly in the latter's case.
    • Apparently Julian Fellowes is only capable of writing out a actor via death. Although Matthew's death caused more outrage, it was somewhat justified as there was no logical reason for him to leave Downton. However killing Sybil was blatantly unnecessary as she'd already left and gone to Ireland! Instead of dropping the occasional 'Oh a letter from Sybil! She's doing fine by the way dear, though married to the former chauffuer she can't afford to visit' Fellowes brought her back soley to kill her. Yeah, the fans are pissed.

Pulling this here. The first bullet level is still on the page, but is needed for reference. The second bullet level doesn't do much to explain how the trivia is used, and comes across more as annoyed commentary. If anyone can smooth it out so it fits with the trivia-trope and example, go ahead.
12:06:59 PM Mar 5th 2014
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Good call. RE Sybil's situation, the issue was that her actress wanted to leave the show and Tom's actor didn't (and by extension the showrunners didn't want him to leave). This created some problems because contrary to the above poster, it wouldn't make sense for Tom to be at Downton and Sybil offstage in Ireland, as they were happily married and Sybil and Sybil was kind of what was keeping Tom in England/why the Crawleys would keep him around at that point.

And with Mathew, there's really no in-character reason for him to have no longer been in the show outside of the character being killed off.

I mean I can see why fans were pissed, but the actors leaving really put the show in a difficult position because of the limited ways of explaining their absence.

Incidentally, the actress playing O'Brien also decided to leave and so the character was written as accepting a job offer with hire status and giving no notice (something pretty in-character). In the fourth season, the characters mention how it created problems/was rude for her to leave so suddenly.
05:34:48 PM Jun 16th 2012
This page is (currently) tagged as Trivia, but it seems like a genuine trope to me, similar to Bus Crash but ... I don't know, maybe the difference is that Col. Blake was a well-liked character, and killing him off backfired, whereas a Bus Crash doesn't necessarily misfire like that? Hmmm. Okay; maybe this page needs to be combined with Bus Crash. Thoughts?
07:48:44 AM May 11th 2010
edited by DurtyWilly
Did "American Pie" start playing in anyone else's head as they read "Mc Lean" and "died"? If not, it probably is now, sorry.
  • I hate you, (if that's your real name) :p
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