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01:04:41 AM Jun 29th 2010
Morgan Wick said (in the archived discussion):

"I think this page has decayed from its original purpose; it looks like it was originally intended as a TV Tropes-specific effort to hash out a list of "ur-plots". Instead it's just a bland recitation of the Tobias list. It came from before we were posting the Evil Overlord List and its knockoffs, and before the How To and So You Want To sections started. As a result, I think the title could be made more specific and maybe the page itself made to look more like what The Seven Basic Plots ultimately became."

I agree; this could be expanded significantly; it's of little use the way it is. Anyone care to start defining these plots more usefully?

The namespaces are helping out to fill the function of TV Tropes advice for writers, and I must say I'm thrilled with that. I'm glad to have started the So You Want To namespace and to see it getting improved, even if it's pretty slow.
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