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08:56:39 AM May 2nd 2011
The question I've always wanted an answer to: Is there any difference between a dress and a kilt, save for what's underneath it?
09:56:41 AM Nov 7th 2011
I think it's in the way we put it on- a kilt is wrapped around the waist twice, then held by leather straps. I should really make sure I know that, though- I've been wearing a kilt for years.
12:08:15 PM Jun 4th 2013
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A dress generally has a bodice attached (thank you Wikipedia). A kilt does not. Playful pedantry aside, the most distinctive difference between a skirt and a kilt is that a pleated skirt is generally pleated all the way around, while a kilt has a flat bit - called the apron - on the front.

And no matter what anybody says (that includes Scotsmen too!): a kilt is a skirt, but a skirt isn't automatically a kilt. It just happens to be an incredibly sexy and, most of all, manly skirt.

Finally, what's underneath is entirely up to the person wearing it. Imagine telling women that they can't wear underwear when wearing a skirt. Now translate that reaction to a Scotsman.
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