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05:20:32 PM Dec 21st 2013
I have questions about the rather or not the Railgun series is actually a spin-off because it doesn't fit in any of the categories. The closest one it fits into is the shared continuity category but with all of the aspects being reversed 1: All of the characters from the original show up in it and hold an importance to the plot.

2: The plot of both series runoff each other, Railgun has some things look like a Deus Ex Machina that are further explained in the Index, while it conversely gives a more clear and better understanding of the details of science side for the Index. Both are practically essential to properly understand the full extent of the overall plot of the franchise.

3: The Railgun manga was originally created for purpose of better understanding the plot, characters and timeline of the Index series while telling it through the eyes of its minor and secondary characters.

Conclusion: Wouldn't all this mean that A Certain Scientific Railgun is not a "Spin-Off" but an entire "Lower Deck Series?"
12:37:55 PM Sep 20th 2010
The episode "The Zeppo" from the third season of Buffy was consciously made as a Lower Deck Episode. While everybody else is fending off the apocalypse, Xander is having his own problems elsewhere, sometimes in the actual lower floors of the high school where the main fight is taking place. Xander's a main character, of course, but if I'm remembering correctly, this episode addressed Xander's feelings of inadequacy, as the only one in the group without supernatural powers.

I don't post on here myself, so I thought I'd just leave a note.
01:34:39 PM Sep 20th 2010
I think A Day in the Limelight is this trope for main and secondary characters.
08:02:22 PM Sep 20th 2010
That makes sense. Noted.
10:39:34 AM Jun 15th 2010
  • Desperate Housewives featured an episode specifically focused on the male characters of the show rather than the usual focus on the women, though everyone still had a sizable role. The most noticeable difference was that it was narrated by Rex Van De Kamp, the first major male character on the show to die, rather than the usual Mary Alice narration.

This episode may be a change in perspective, but I'm guessing the spouses and live interests of the main players are pretty important. I don't watch the show though, so maybe I misread.
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