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07:47:26 PM Dec 10th 2011
  • Let's see, I have a party-member who is as close to me as a brother, and his name is . . . Kain? That can't go wrong. Except when Golbez manipulates him. Twice. Or when his dark side tries to kill me and my fiance in the Lunar Trials. Oh, and don't forget the time his dark side came to life, flat out told everybody there was no mind control, no tricks, or anything, enters my castle, sells me to a mortal foe, and, for the millionth time, tries to put the moves on my wife. Oh, hey, and what about the OTHER time we were stuck in that alternate dimension, and he picked us all off, one by one, to "protect" us from the unholy hordes our foes had unleashed?

What video game is this entry for? Whoever puts it back should list the title ffs.
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