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04:40:11 PM Aug 23rd 2013
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So I just added Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad to this, as he definitely seems to have his finger on the pulse where the ABQ crime scene is concerned. However, if any other folks who've seen Breaking Bad would like to weigh in, I'm not sure if just being well-connected is enough - the description of the Knowledge Broker seems to indicate a character who is impartial ("For the most part, he remains impartial despite his vast influence") and thus far at least, we've seen Saul remain pretty loyal to the "villains" of the series (i.e. he doesn't usually give information to the police or DEA.)

On the _other_ other hand... We have seen at least one situation in which he WOULD cooperate with the police/DEA (specifically, in Badger's case, initially) and as far as the different sides of the underworld go, Saul helps people with different interests (Mike/Gus on one hand, Walt on another, Jesse...)

So yeah, plenty of thoughts on whether or not Saul qualifies, so I just thought I would leave them here in case anyone thought I was hasty to add him. :)
11:35:15 AM Apr 2nd 2012
Should that be Liara's picture on the front page, connected with both this trope and her thoughts on the subject? It seems like spoilers for Mass Effect 2 would be better contained if that were a picture of the old Shadow Broker instead, i.e. the yahg.
01:23:10 PM Apr 2nd 2015
Pretty sure the fact that the last Shadow Broker was a Yahg is ALSO a spoiler, but I was about to say! I mean, Liara becoming the Shadow Broker is spoilered everywhere else on this site. I know that it's a Late-Arrival Spoiler in Mass Effect 3, but that's still a spoiler. And the caption implies the Shadow Broker's level of influence, not Liara's as she is met again nearer to the start of 2.

I genuinely think this image should be changed. How do I go about starting a seperate image picking thread for that?
08:31:18 PM Dec 22nd 2010
is ther a cryptic knowledge broker category?

I.e. somebody [say Artie from Warehouse 13) knows everything (or close to it) but seems like he won't say anything — if there is it should be linked; if not WHY NOT!?
08:34:45 PM Dec 23rd 2010
I'm not familiar with such a trope, though the tropers at Lost and Found may be able to help you.

If it doesn't exist it's because a clever troper like you hasn't thought to take it through YKTTW yet.
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