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06:13:06 AM Dec 17th 2010
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Both this and the opposite Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him happen a lot in Naruto, especially early on. Either the hero or the villain will launch into a lengthy explanation of how they just performed a particular trick on the enemy or even what they're about to do - both revealing their strategy for the enemy to add to their intel if they win or escape, and taking up 5 minutes whilst the enemy just stands there and listens. Instead of, you know, just killing him already while he's waffling on.

Probably the height of this example should be the fight against Sasori in early Shippuuden, when one of these conversations goes on for the entire episode - but it escapes this through Time Compression (the whole episode covers something like 8 seconds of their world)
11:39:41 AM Dec 17th 2010
You Could Always Edit It Yourself.

Well, you would need a wiki handle first, obviously.
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