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Morgan Wick: Is this the heroic version of Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him??

Lale: Well, in that one, the villain is still bent on killing the hero. He doesn't need encouragement; he just needs a dose of common sense.

Morgan Wick: This still feels repetitive of some entry.

Lale: Which one?

Morgan Wick: If I knew for certain, I would have written it, wouldn't I?

Lale: I have self-esteem issues. I thought you were being sarcastic because it must be so obvious, but I'm too stupid to get it. Sorry.

In Serenity when Mal and the assassin meet, the assassin say's he's unarmed - Mal promptly shoots him in the chest. Unfortunately, he's wearing a bullet-proof vest. They then fight, and the assassin is stunned by a flash-bomb. Instead of again killing him like he just tried to do, Mal leaves him alive... leading the systematic execution of all of Serenity's friends and contacts by the assassin and his gang.

Joeyjojo: I think the stuff about Mal not killing him is more of him not have time to ‘finished’ him or simply a Plot Hole rather that that this trope coming in play. Anyway we already have a perfectly good firefly example already up. Unless there is any debate I will pull it.