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05:58:21 AM Aug 22nd 2011
  • Pounder's transformation doesn't really count, since it is more or less explicitly stated that he didn't hate rats, and in fact quite liked them, viewing them as a worthy adversary (cross-references nicely with Reaper Man in which Death says "What can the harvest hope for but the care of the reaper man?"), and his post-mortem transformation into a rat is implied to be a good thing.

Not entirely supported by the text, where Pounder's last human words are bewailing his fate "But I don't even believe in reincarnation!" and the Death of Rats' response (Squeak!, meaning "reincarnation believes in you") does sound just a little bit venegeful. Pounder may well see himself as someone who respects rats as a worthy adversary, but the rats see him as someone who kills them.
12:16:31 PM Jul 8th 2011
Is it still Karmic Transformation if the person is rewarded by it (for a good deed), or is that Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence still? Even if its not being Put on a Bus ?