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09:21:22 PM Jun 24th 2012
Upon discovering that Miles Black, the famous phrenologist from Yorkshire was going to take up yodeling to lonely goats in Bali, James White decided to balance four planks of wood on a beer keg and call it an abstract work of art in the style of a famous fourteenth-century architect, just going to prove that people will read any old garbage if they think there will be a good pun at the end of it.

...is there actually a pun there, or is it a subversion?
10:51:34 AM Jun 30th 2011
In the article, "wit" is referred to as "the highest form of humor." Some notable experts, including Mark Twain and I think this Arthur Schopenhauer guy, would actually place "wit"- which WOULD include puns and such- as seperate from humo(u)r altogether. Under this principle, all of funny can be separated into three divisions of equal stature: the American humor, the British comedy, and the French wit (I personally think that the accepted nationalities of comedy and wit could be interchangeable; however, one must take into consideration that a subtle aura of wit seems to surround French culture continuously, as one can tell by the insane structure of one of their more popular varieties of street slang, which is improvised and anagram-based.) I believe that this should be corrected or at least asterisked in the article. Thoughts?
07:04:50 PM Mar 13th 2010
Dok Enkephalin: If this index were cut down to titles that actually were puns, it'd still be overdosed. Isn't that enough?