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11:17:45 AM Oct 8th 2014
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The description is really unclear as to whether this is about the work treating robots as incapable of personhood, or particular characters believing that.
11:42:06 AM Oct 8th 2014
Pretty sure it's about the person, but the second and third paragraphs make no sense unless it's about a work where machines are incapable of being people, you're right.
12:48:27 AM Mar 5th 2011
Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it looks to me like the "sentience" and "sapience" uses are reversed, based on the linked pages and the dictionary. "Sentience" appears to refer to consciousness and sensation, while "sapience" refers to wisdom or judgment. It seems like the former is about personal experience (what would make an intelligence human-like), while the latter is just decision making (which you would expect a standard computer to do).
06:03:55 PM Jul 27th 2011
edited by spunit262
I fixed it, people mixing them up has always been a pet peeve of mine.
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