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10:59:34 AM Jun 19th 2010
I'd like to suggest changing the page quote to the following:

Bertie: Jeeves, that is brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?
Jeeves: I couldn't say, sir.

I think it captures the theme of the show better than the current one, and, anyway, the current quote is already the page quote for Genre Savvy.
10:55:44 AM Jun 16th 2010
Question: Under Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon, there's an example mentioning Roderick Spode. But the way I remember the series, it was actually Stilton Cheesewright who threatened to break Bertie's rotten spine in six places. Before I go and correct it, could someone tell me whether Spode also said something like this in a different episode, or in one of the books?
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