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02:02:34 AM Sep 16th 2012
One of the Literature examples mentions a novel about Wyatt Earp's ghost (although no mention is made to the author, and I can't find any info on the story). I've visited Wyatt Earp's grave, and it's in the middle of an entirely traditional Jewish cemetery near San Francisco, a thousand miles from the home of the Sioux. Just thought that was funny.
04:43:20 AM Sep 20th 2010
Page quote
04:49:33 AM Sep 20th 2010
So, since some people seem to disagree about having a page quote picked up in xkcd. The reason I put it up is not so much that I think the strip is funny, but more because it highlights what is described in the article: "This is a mostly a Discredited Trope, mainly due to most viewer's recognition of it. If it gets used, it's often at least slightly tongue-in-cheek, humorous, heavily lampshaded or subverted."

The strip in itself is an anti-joke, playing on the fact that making parodies of this trope is neither surprising nor funny anymore. To me, it parodies the parodies in a way that shows that even parodies of this trope now are also themselves discredited tropes.

However, if anyone has better quotes...

Discuss !
06:41:51 PM Sep 23rd 2010
I just find that it's a little overcomplicated, and not a solid use of the trope at all. We already have the word 'Indian Burial Ground' used about a billion and seven times in this article, but the joke is confusing and not very useful to this trope. Also, is this comic proof that Indian Burial Ground is a Dead Horse Trope?
10:15:05 AM Nov 2nd 2010
Well, I don't think one comic is not enough to decide this, but we'll keep watching.