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02:30:54 PM May 10th 2012
Would the infamous 4KidsEntertainment dub of One Piece count as a meta-example of In Medias Res, as it began airing during the start of the Mohji-Luffy fight, or in layman's terms, at the seventh episode of the series?
08:10:58 PM May 11th 2012
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Power Rangers Samurai is a similar case. Kind of a Dub Induced In Media Res.
01:28:07 AM Jun 26th 2011
So this appears to be a non-example. Or at least more complex than a good straight example. If moving this one back to Main please Repair, Don't Respond.

  • Macross: Do You Remember Love?, the movie version of the original Macross TV series, picks up midway through the series' story and never shows the events that began it.
    • The assumption when the movie starts is that the prior events remain largely unchanged from the TV Series. This assumption would be incorrect, as revealed shockingly later on: "This...is Earth! Some of the events were later animated for a PSX game based on the movie, including the initial Zentradi attack.
02:22:37 PM Mar 28th 2010
Should there not be an explanation somewhere on this page as to why "One We Prepared Earlier" is a redirect? I have no idea what that phrase means or where it's from.
07:42:11 PM Mar 31st 2010
The previously two pages effectively said the same thing.

One We Prepared Earlier was a later episode or scene already made just used early as a sort of inverted Stock Footage.

My guess is it was merged recently.
01:57:12 PM Aug 5th 2010
Now wait a minute. I thought One We Prepared Earlier was a non-obvious first episode of a series — made to serve as an introduction, to some extent, without showing the actual beginning of the story. (For example, the first episode of Star Trek, where they run into a problem-of-the-day that serves to introduce us to the series as a whole.) It was arguably a subset of In Medias Res, in that it starts the story after the characters have already gotten together or what-have-you, but it was still a trope unto itself. What happened?
01:33:46 PM Aug 27th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
I guess someone just saw fit to merge pending a full cut of "One We Prepared Earlier". Also, my understanding of that Sub-Trope was that not only did the series start In Medias Res, but that there was never an adequate team Origin Story.

Personally, I would consider having a "Type I"/"Type II" Soft Split pending a better name for the Sub-Trope. (And I still like the name "Avengers Preassembled".)

Also, how is How We Got Here not In Medias Res minus the former "One We Prepared Earlier"?
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