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06:03:55 PM Aug 10th 2013
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The point of George Bailey driving an out dated car is to show that the Bailey Savings and Loan is not a very profitable institution. Ergo George has had to make do with his older car for much longer than others would have had to.
10:09:43 AM Mar 2nd 2011
Would Crockett's Ferraris on Miami Vice count as this? I don't recall how it was justified that an clean vice cop in Miami would be able to afford a Daytona or a Testarossa — was it impounded property or something?
09:49:34 PM Oct 8th 2012
I think they were owned (leased?) by the police department and Crockett was allowed to drive them to maintain his various undercover stories (depending on the writer, episode, story arc etc.) I haven't watched the show since it was originally on, but at the beginning of one season, I recall the LT telling Crockett that they couldn't afford to replace the Ferrari blown up at the climax of the previous season, and he would have to drive a hot rod 50s pickup. Crockett maintains that this jeopardises his cover as a high riding drug dealer/buyer.
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