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12:44:00 AM Jan 30th 2013
This is definitely a premature launch; the description is terrible, for one. Just what is this "hybrid robot"? "a mecha that either consists of an army of super robots in a real robot type of setting or when you have numerous robots being used by the military but they have super robot type of origins." - so, uh... it's either a giant mecha which is actually an army of robots (glued together in the shape of a mecha?!); or a bunch of robots with "super robot type of origins" (?!) — in which case, how is it a "hybrid robot", and what does "hybrid" even mean?

Definitely needs reworking, stat.
08:36:53 AM Jan 30th 2013
edited by Larkmarn
Yeah, this is bad. Got launched with one hat.

Bad description, unclear what it really is, ZCEs, examples that just... aren't true, poor grammar.
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