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03:39:05 PM Sep 7th 2010
This trope page doesn't seem to discuss the trope of Housewife so much as preach about feminism and politics. I think it needs a fair amount of repair, and am willing to effect said repairs if my fellow Tropers would like.
05:11:24 PM Sep 17th 2010
I definitely think the entire third paragraph could be excised without hurting the article at all. The second paragraph already tells us everything we need to know about sociological perspectives for the purposes of this entry and then some. So I say go for it.
10:30:23 AM Feb 14th 2011
edited by Stoogebie
Yes, I definitely agree; why is being a stay-at-home mother such a bad thing? Did it ever occur to whoever wrote this article that maybe, just maybe, some housewives actually enjoy being housewives? That third paragraph seems really unfair to me. Especially when you consider the article of Straw Feminist and Real Women Never Wear Dresses, which get a lot of negativity for shunning anything too 'feminine.'
04:16:08 PM Feb 21st 2011
The whole page has been changes since Doctor J Kel and Brainbin wrote what they did. What seems unfair? Unlike how it used to be about politics the page currently is an attempt at describing how the housewife is portrayed in fiction and how it connects to other tropes. The page should be as unbiased as the trope is in fiction. Let's work together to make that happen.
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