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02:00:57 AM Feb 28th 2012
Eminem, is Horrorcore??????.

Can someone please give me an example? LOL! Depending on what it is I may have to ad The Fat Boys.

02:39:53 AM Feb 28th 2012
No comment on Eminem, but Iíll just say that the crazy part is that Fat Boys, song. Itís like family friendly horrorcore. But thatís a paradox. From the main page: Horrorcore is more or less gangsta rap turned up to 11.

Sum of the lyrics for Are You Ready For Freddy by The Fat Boys.

Ha! They better wake up And listen to this Because the blades on Freddy Krueger's hands Don't miss!

Come right back at, you to slash and slice

You see my name is Freddy, and I'm here to say I'll wrap you up and take you away And if you feel like youíre tired, and ready for bed Don't fall asleep, or you'll wake up dead!
01:58:29 AM Mar 1st 2012
Or at least I think paradox is the word I mean.
09:24:26 PM May 3rd 2012
O.K I found one. 3 A.M. by EMINEM.
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