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02:36:59 PM Mar 5th 2015
edited by KeithTyler
"By the way, the car will get towed"

I usually respond to theses people with "You can't pahk ya cah in Haa-vid yahd unless you're a Haa-vid cop!"

It's not Hahvahd. No one says Hah-Vahd. It's Hah-Vid. Similarly it's not Bahstahn, it's Bah-Stin. Srsly wtf you foreigners*

Oh, and we only do the "ideer" thing when there's another word coming with a vowel. No one ever ends a sentence with "ideer" or "Cuber" or any of that. But we will order "a slice-a pizzer 'n a Coke."

  • Boston slang for non-locals who are here for more than a week.
06:05:08 PM Jun 12th 2010
I guess I'm not sure what this trope (and some other like it) are for. The description seems to suggest it's about how Hollywood (and other media) stereotypes the Northeastern US, but in practice, it's primarily a list of media that takes place there.

For example, under literature, the novels of John Irving are mentioned. But doesn't he pretty much get the region correct? Why, then, should they be listed here? Same thing with some movies- Gone Baby Gone is listed, but as it was based on a novel by a Boston native, directed by one, and (IIRC) filmed there, what were the "mistakes"? I'm not saying there weren't any, but shouldn't that be the point- to highlight how this portrayal supports or subverts the trope?

Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the idea.
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