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Trogga: Why the rename?

English Ivy: The old name was a corruption of "Pahk the cah at Hahvahd Yahd", and made little sense on its own. The new name... wasn't my idea.

Dalek Kan Noladti: Yeah, Western Mass basically doesn't exist in media. On the other hand, that's sort of because we're mainly composed of college kids and aging hippies (the Pioneer Valley is colloquially known as the "Happy Valley" or "Hippie Valley"). So we're basically Northern California but with real winters.

The Bad Wolf: aw the old name was sooo much better, serves me right for not logging onto this site for a month straight, to English Ivy while it may not have made universal sense to everyone the old name was not only an example of the trope, it was a fairly well known stereotypical saying about Boston, but was still some what enlightening to people how may not have been familiar with Boston as if there's one thing that people know about Boston, it's Harvard University, a school not actually located in Boston. To Dalek Kan Noladti, we didn't forget about the Berkshires this trope was just about stuff inside 495.

Somfin: Let's at least list it as an alternate title, shall we? Someone who knows how to do that?

Dalek Kan Noladti: To The Bad Wolf, this is actually the only trope whose discussion even includes anything about Western Massachusetts. We just don't get into media. Nice place to live, though.