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03:29:32 PM May 1st 2012
edited by FantiSci
I've only just noticed how severely this page was trimmed...Zero out of ten for observation.

Do we need the bit about the disorder? Have characters actually been diagnosed with it, or is it a supposition that belongs on the analysis page?
11:26:28 PM Apr 15th 2010
Older discussion.
Prfnoff: Removed the US political example for violation of the Rule Of Cautious Editing Judgment.

Bring The Noise: Has anyone got any reasons for why Keiko O'Brian (from Star Trek) is included here?

Lots42: I disagree on the concept of the Joker. Being -funny- increases your chances of living. Not by much...but it does.

Acacia: Removed a few examples because they look like Berserk Button, not this. I have no knowledge of the works in question, so here they are to put back if I'm wrong:

  • Monica from Brazilian comic Monica's Gang. Don't comment on her weight, height, or how big are her teeth, and even worse, call her ugly, if you don't want a girl to beat you up using a plush rabbit.
  • Stripperella. Vertically-challenged villain Small Fry gets angry whenever he thinks someone is making a short joke.
o Including the sentence 'No.' "Is that a short joke? You're using a short word because I'm short?"
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