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07:08:27 PM Aug 25th 2012
Could somebody who has the tech please cap the mu in μουσική (Music)? I don't have a word-processor that will give it to me! (Yes, I know the Greeks didn't do it that way, but since the others all use the English-writing convention ...)
07:02:01 PM Mar 12th 2011
The way we pronounce some of these letters in English is always wrong. Beta is actually pronounced "Vita" and makes a v sound, Delta is "Thelta" and makes a 'hard' th sound, epsilon is "epsEElon", and gamma is... well... there's no real way to describe it in english. Depending on what vowl follows it, it's either a y sound or, more commonly, a vaguely gutteral sound. This is particularly vexing when characters who are supposedly fluent in Greek say the letters wrong. I really want to mention this, but I'm not sure it's relevent... what do you all think?

11:52:04 AM Jul 1st 2011
It's not wrong as such, it's just that the English names of some letters are pronounced differently from their names in Greek. It's a common process and happens all over the place with foreign names — consider Paris, Berlin, Madrid etc. Even if a character is fluent in Greek, if he's speaking English at the time then "bee-ta" is the correct pronunciation of the English word meaning "the second letter of the Greek alphabet".
01:44:05 PM Jul 14th 2010
I know it's a theme but could we have translations for the titles? perhaps concealed in hot tips
02:05:19 AM Dec 15th 2010
Also, "ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ ΣΤΗΝ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ" means "Truth in Television", rather than "Real life". I guess I'll have to change the Greek one.
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