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01:08:08 PM Jun 17th 2012
edited by Ropos
That iCarly example is terrible. Here's why it fits. Although it doesn't. But if you bend the rules, it does. But it doesn't really. I'm not overly familar with the show but I do know that Mrs. Benson is not a main character. I'll just take this out for now.

  • "iCarly - Interpretation of exactly what 'counts' for the trope can lead to this trope being played straight or averted.

    • "If you count just the main trio of characters due to their age then they fail the trope until Gibby becomes a full time cast member in the later seasons.
    • If you count Spencer due to the fact that he's Carly's brother and that the fictional eponymous web show is filmed in their apartment, Spencer would round out the Two Girls and a Guy cast to achieve the trope before Gibby, but then turns it into an aversion when Gibby eventually shows up.
    • If you also count Mrs. Benson because she was the only other major character on the show from the start, then it means women outnumber the men until Gibby comes along to make the main cast 3 guys and 3 women."

02:02:50 AM Aug 5th 2013
I see the example is back in mostly de-nattered form, but there's still the attempt to count Mrs. Benson among the main cast when she... just wasn't.

  • iCarly: Sam and Carly are the women, Spencer and Freddie are the men.
    • If you consider Freddie's Mom as part of the main cast then it is uneven until Gibby becomes part of the main cast.
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