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05:44:03 PM May 5th 2015
Is this well named? Doesn't seem very intuitive - I thought it was some kind of obscure medical issue until I clicked through.
04:27:59 AM May 6th 2015
So-so I would say.
11:07:51 AM Jul 27th 2010
removed the following:

  • Made even more ridiculous by the fact that mousing over the images on his site pops up a huge dialog box telling you the the image is protected by copyright law. ...yeah.

because, (if I recall correctly) the fact that components of the image are from other sources doesn't prevent you from claiming copyright on the composition. To put it another way, the fact that Jam, bread, and peanut butter all exist in the public domain doesn't mean that you can't copyright a pbj sandwich just because it uses all three components.

...or, for a slightly more relevent analogy, Alan Moore isn't barred from claiming copyright on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen just because he lifted the characters from older works.
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