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11:33:33 AM Apr 30th 2014
Most of Steeleye Span's work is probably too "light" to be really considered "Folk Metal", but there are sections of some songs (the instrumental break in The Elf Knight in particular comes to mind) that are pretty heavy on the power chords.

Granted, Elf Knight didn't come out until the 1996 album Time, but there were certainly metal-ish influences as far back as Commoners Crown (1975).

I haven't added them because I don't consider myself a fan of metal and maybe I'm missing something, but it certainly seems that they're at the very least a strong influence on the genre.
06:59:05 PM Jul 17th 2010
I'm just curious, what makes Slough Feg considered folk metal? A lot of the lyrics that aren't Heavy Mithril seem to be about Celtic/Irish legend, but musically they just seem to be standard metal to me.
05:22:16 AM Aug 10th 2010
(Sorry for the late reply.)

I've listened to a fair bit of Slough Feg, and you're right in that they're closer to traditional metal. There is a bit of folk in there, though (the vocals and some of the riffs are quite folky), so I think I should probably put a notice by their name saying that they're closer to trad metal, but have some folkish tendencies.
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