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03:06:28 PM Oct 3rd 2012
I'm not sure if this would work on this page or not, but... in one episode of NCIS, Tony and Ziva are protecting an important witness on a plane when they discover a woman has been fatally stabbed with a knitting needle. There is a wonderfully preserved bloody fingerprint on the needle, which Tony then takes a picture of on his smartphone and Abby uses the picture to find a match in the database. It's sort of played with, but would that go here?
12:07:28 AM Mar 28th 2011
In Hong Kong, all Citizens(permanent or not) when getting their ID cards, are required to give finger prints to the record, so technically the Hong Kong government got every citizen's finger prints(of all their fingers, at least for people with 10 fingers or less, since the paper got 10 boxes only) So it is not unrealistic to have the finger prints records in any HK films/shows. The only catch is that it takes really long time to process the data, and the HK Police forces simply don't access the database for most of the minor cases.