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It appears that non-secretor is used incorrectly when referring to DNA evidence:

Non-secretors apparently used to be important because blood type was used to identify individuals from samples, not DNA, so it was only important in older cases like this one:

Peteman: Can I bring up an episode of Star Trek Voyager, which may have been a literal case of this: involving "Displaced Photons" or some similar bullshit technobabble? The episode in question involved Tuvok brainwashing the Maquee crewmen with his mind meld.

Regarding the Phoenix Wright example, I posted this in the actual article but changed my mind since it's kind of an "Actually, ...": Technically Phoenix shouldn't even be allowed at any crime scene (at least if you listen to the police), and he also has a mole in the police squad in the person of Gumshoe (for case 1-5 he actively participates in the research process for the defense).