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03:58:54 AM Jul 16th 2015
'Curiously, while many people dislike this sort of mishmash when it comes to Medieval East Asian Fantasy, hardly anyone seems to object to the European equivalent - apparently having Celtic druids rubbing shoulders with Odin-worshipping High Medieval Teutonic Knights is fine.'

Why was this section removed? It is admittedly snarky and could be cleaned up for that but the point is surely that many fantasy settings that feature Far East and Medieval European Fantasy have an identical mishmash going on in their 'European' settings.
06:00:29 AM Jul 16th 2015
edited by supergod
Mainly because the article itself doesn't mention it as being unpopular, but also because the rare few people who would get bothered by a deliberate Asian mishmash in modern fantasy are probably the same few who would have a problem with druids, barbarians and paladins walking hand in hand.
07:07:33 PM Nov 8th 2010
The article apperes to have been vandalized, but I don"t know how to revert it.
07:21:59 PM Nov 8th 2010
It wasn't vandalized. It was some bug. I just did a null edit and it's fine now. If you find something like this the next time you could just post at Ask The Tropers.
07:28:07 PM Nov 8th 2010
Ok. Thanks!
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