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11:38:59 AM Aug 19th 2013
Does this cover remade engines, which usse the original games' assets but is a ground-up remake of the app itself?
10:17:17 AM Dec 21st 2012
Does the remake have to be finished to be added? If not, is there a reason openmw isn't on here?
06:34:46 PM Apr 21st 2010
I didn't change the page because I'm not 100% sure of this, but I don't think you can lose a copyright for not defending it. I know this is true of _trademarks_, but not of copyright.
06:43:15 PM Apr 21st 2010
No, you can't lose a copyright simply because you aren't defending it. You are allowed to enforce copyrights selectively. Otherwise, Fanfiction.net would be flat-out illegal.

Copyrights don't go away until they run out.
06:52:27 PM Apr 21st 2010
I corrected the area. Derivative works have their own copyrights for the derived material; I figured that would be a major factor. (It would hurt to want to do a Wii port of your work and find you can't do it right because a fan already wrote the best motion-control code....)
08:23:42 PM Mar 28th 2010
Nobody seems to have objected, so I went ahead and altered the article to be a bit less vitriolic.
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