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01:01:54 PM May 30th 2014
Does anybody remember a 1980s film called something like "Future Warriors"? There was someone who looked a lot like Lord Dread from Captain Power, with a part-metal skull and a glowing eye.
02:43:07 PM Oct 6th 2012
new. thought it was worth noting that aside from the occasional loss of an eye, the sailor (not just pirates) wore an eye patche to keep one eye acclimated to the dark of the below decks, to ease the passing between decks. especially the poor salt whose job was moving cargo down the stairs, switch the patch and keep going. proven plausible by myth busters, and anyone willing to repeat the experiment.
09:34:56 AM Feb 18th 2012
Would Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender count? His scarred eye and surrounding area might serve as a "patch". And his eye appears to be damaged and is always partially closed.
10:44:09 AM Feb 18th 2012
edited by Jordan
I don't think so. My impression is that while the illustration leaves it ambiguous (and he'd certainly be blinded if that kind of injury happened in reality), there's no indication in the show that Zuko's other eye is damaged or his seeing is impaired.

And, it's not an eyepatch anyway. While there are a few examples on the page that aren't literal eyepatches, they all seem to be instances where the eye is completely closed or covered.
07:54:44 AM Oct 26th 2011
edited by Barano
So, why does the Real Life section feature people who may wear eyepatches in fiction but didn't wear one in Real Life?
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