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05:27:30 AM Jun 17th 2011
This is the in-game description for the Sarsgorilla piņata from Viva Piņata: Touble in Paradise: "Here we go again, another video game with a big ape in it. Can someone explain to me why the guy who write games are so fascinated with really big apes?"

Worth being a page quote?
05:52:35 AM Jun 17th 2011
Of course everything is better with mokeyes! Just look at Planet of the Apes! I for one was rooting for them, not for stupid Charelton Heston! How could you not root for evil, creepily intelligent, and kind of cute super-monkeyes?
08:08:26 AM Feb 11th 2011
I liked the Titano picture better. Deadpool is just overexposed.
10:36:34 PM Mar 17th 2010
Does the episode of Quantum Leap were Sam leaps into the body of a chimp in the NASA space program count?
01:37:13 PM Aug 14th 2010
everything obviously is better with monkeys...duh. Tessa
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