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10:41:49 AM Sep 19th 2011
edited by Matthew6248
Bizarre (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bizarre_%28TV_series%29 ) was a sketch comedy show that aired on Showtime, that meant the show took advantage of their freedom to include occasional cursing and nudity. But in a rare case of content being censored in it's native country, Bizarre was edited for airing on the CTV network in Canada. Language was bleeped by a horn-honking sound. Sketches containing nudity were also censored for Canadian television by the inclusion of reverse angle scenes originally filmed from behind nude actors (generally women baring their breasts) or else scenes were re-shot with the models wearing a bra.

The Showtime version aired in few independent stations during the 1980s as late night fare but the edited CTV version aired in syndication in more markets. Don't get me started with the TV Land Canada/Comedy Gold version of the show as it is further edited.
06:14:46 AM Aug 12th 2010
I really don't like how restrictive this is. Something should be able to be Bowdlerized for syndication purposes. A good example is The Sopranos.