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04:10:09 PM Sep 26th 2010
edited by Thomar
Should we call the Zelda series a Most Triumphant Example of Dual-World Gameplay? I stuck a link for it on the parent entry for the series, and someone removed it.
03:55:12 AM Nov 13th 2010
No, don't put such highly arguable subjectives onto a main page, especially not an examples list.
05:05:49 PM Sep 23rd 2010
I'm cutting Twilight Princess down to a single sentence (the Zelda entry is a wall of text!)

Justification: You can't freely travel between Twilight Hyrule and Hyrule, you simply cleanse each area of darkness. The gameplay is based on LINK changing, not the world. The actual Twilight Realm doesn't count either (yeah, someone had it listed as an example here) because it doesn't correspond to anywhere else in the game.

There IS a Dark World, but it's not used like most Dark Worlds.
06:32:52 PM Sep 13th 2010
edited by

Dual-World Gameplay can sometimes be limited to a single level or chapter of a game. One example is Tiny-Huge island of Mario 64, or the four seasons level of Kirby Superstar.

Should games that only feature limited Dual-World Gameplay still be included as examples?
06:55:07 AM Sep 14th 2010
Yes. The gameplay elements are still there. It would be like including a trope about driving games in a game that just has a one level driving section. Being in only one level doesn't remove it from the general influence of the trope.
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