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10:47:26 AM Sep 28th 2013
I'm puzzled by the Kalifornia example. This is a movie I haven't seen, so I won't attempt to correct anything myself. But the way Brad Pitt's character is described is not anachronistic at all—When was there ever a time period where it was normal for men to force their wives to dress like children?

The contributor seems to consider it anachronistic just because the character is a misogynist, but judging purely by the description given, it is a major stretch to call him an anachronism. He's just a lunatic as far as I can tell, and that's something entirely different.

Can anyone who has seen the movie comment? Is there anything about this character that is genuinely retro, as opposed to just psychotic?
12:57:18 AM Jul 9th 2011
Why is this called Disco Dan when Disco Stu is so readily available as a trope name? What is Disco Dan referencing?
12:31:58 AM Aug 26th 2011
Probably for Added Alliterative Appeal. "Disco Dan" happens to sound better. As for the reference, I get the feeling Disco Dan is actually a name frequently used for characters like this, but the only one that comes to mind is a character in one version of Icy Tower.
11:43:50 AM Jan 29th 2011
edited by Erda
A Troper Tales page yet? I've met some people on Internet classic rock forums who were this trope to a tee. Even the "Exaggerated" version - some of them even quit the group because they "wanted to live completely like they were in the 1960s." Seriously.
11:50:09 AM Jan 29th 2011
Make one.
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