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03:31:06 PM Sep 23rd 2014
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Hold on troper Olimar, deleting my post about the Telethia. The Nopon call the Telthia dino-beasts. I failed to mention that in my post.
02:29:17 PM Jul 30th 2011
"A significant number of anthropologists are convinced that a lost race of small people have to be the basis for little people legends, and absolutely not dwarfism or, uh, people using their imaginations. You could almost hear their collective triumphant shouts of, "See! See!!!" "

I know this site doesnt do [citation needed], but I'd like to see some source for this one, since I highly doupt that a large number of anthropologists actually think that, at worst there's a small minority that do, more likely its a small minority of people who havent actually been trained in anthropology.
02:18:00 PM Aug 11th 2011
There is abundant evidence of this (usually called the pygmy hypothesis), and considerable support from the experts. A Fortean Times article from the mid-'90s even covers an archeologist whose main goal is to find definitive evidence of the European pygmy civilization. Unfortunately I can't find any good books to cite. All the ones I've read are "strange but true" books that cover a plethora of subjects, mentioning the pygmy hypothesis only briefly. The main evidence for North American pygmies is a pair of skeletons of seemingly adult mummies that were each about a foot tall. The main evidence for European pygmies is the adundance of tiny arrowheads and spearheads, so small that they couldn't have been made by ordinary-sized people without magnifying glasses and extremely fine tools.
11:17:16 AM Feb 10th 2011
I found this 1988 card set from Topps (of Mars Attacks! fame) called "Dinosaurs Attack!, which I think is worth adding... but there's no collectible cards section, so I'm wondering where it should go.
03:51:07 PM Feb 23rd 2011
Odd; "Dinosaurs Attack" used to be part of this page and had a good, very funny writeup too. I'll add it back in under "Other". It def. counts as an example; at one point Dinosaur Satan is involved.
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